Discover and Develop YOUR True Warrior Within

My mission is to provide my students with a Safe, Positive, and Educational environment in which they can Discover and Develop healthy lifestyle habits with a group of like-minded and positive people who are genuinely interested in each others Success.

Striking Trainer Lineage

1996: John Nienberg: True Warrior Fitness OHIO
2000: Robert Sheely/Manuel Taningco: TAMA of Kettering, OH
2001: Bill Judd: KO Muay Thai of London, England
2004: Walter Michalowski: Sit Yod Tong L.A., CA
2008: Freddie Roach: Wild Card Boxing L.A., CA 


I offer My Students all the benefits of Traditional Personal Fitness Training along with Self-Defense training in an educational environment, keeping your workouts exciting, challenging, and effective! You'll benefit from a program that's personalized and custom-built to your fitness and martial arts (self-defense) goals. If you want to lose weight and build muscle while learning practical self-defense art, I will take through both a spiritual and physical journey that will change the course of your life!​​​

Toby TigerHeart Grear

"As a Personal Trainer, Martial Arts Teacher and Professional Athlete I offer a UNIQUE and INNOVATIVE Training experience that has evolved from my successful career as a Colligiate Water Polo Player, Professional Boxer, Muay Thai Fighter, Jiu Jitsu Gold Medalist and MMA World Champion"

True Warrior Fitness Mixed Martial Arts: Founded 2002

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